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JUNE 15, 2020



Hours of Operation:

  1. Monday  to Saturday 11-4 (Closed JULY 1st) 

To Order:

  1. Select “Our Products” tab from above.
  2. View our offerings and select your items, making note of the item numbers.
  3. Call 519-751-1119 to place your order or email at (we cannot accept orders through FaceBook).
  4. Payment methods are via e-transfer to or by credit card provided over the telephone.
Front Door Pick-Up:
  1. Upon arrival, PLEASE RESPECT SOCIAL DISTANCING from others.
  2. You will be greeted through the glass door, please give your First and Last name.
  3. Step back behind the red/white line for YOUR SAFETY and be mindful of others waiting... remember the 6ft separation.
  4. Your package will be placed on the table by the front door. Please wait for us to close the door before picking up your package, for your protection and ours.
Front-Porch Delivery:
  1. For orders of $25 or more before taxes, we can provide local front-porch delivery. 
  2. Delivery day and time will be confirmed upon receipt of payment. 

Thank you for Shopping Local.
NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 protocols we are not able to accept any returns. All sales are final.

Our Store will reopen for in-person shopping as soon as the Ministry of Health has cleared it safe for us to do so. 

As soon as you walk through our doors at Le Chocolat du Savoie, you will  know that you’ve made the right choice. With over 30 years of industry experience, our French Country style boutique  will tantalize your senses with aroma and taste.  

Le Chocolat du Savoie has everything you need to satisfy your craving for premium chocolate. From hand-crafted Belgian chocolates of only the finest ingredients to the delightful fulfilling aromas that linger through the store. Le Chocolat du Savoie offers a wide range of indulgence from the creamy smooth to the rich deepness of milk, white and dark chocolate.

Looking for a gift that will stick out and create a room full of jealousy? How about a hostess tray that will make your night with friends a recurring tradition of necessity. Le Chocolat du Savoie offers a variety of treats including truffles, pralines, barks, clusters, novelties and so much more! More you say? Well, the adventure doesn’t stop there. With our new tasting excursions, you will be able to get the impressive edge on all date nights and group outings.


Chocolate Dipped
Chocolate Covered
Chocolate Dipped
Peanut Butter


Come by and see what makes Le Chocolat du Savoie so special. You could continue on with a bland every day palate or choose to experience the pinnacle of gourmet standard; Belgian chocolate. Considered to be finest of savoury creations by which all other chocolate confections are measured, Belgian chocolate at Le Chocolat du Savoie offers a unique quality of ingredients and Old World techniques that sets it above and apart from the rest. 

What are you waiting for? Stop by and delight your senses with our chocolate creations that will lead you on an excursion of blissful taste and excitement. From all of us at Le Chocolat du Savoie, we invite you to come say hello, try a sample, and leave feeling as if you’ve traveled across the world with our flavours of Europe. 


Photography by Kirsten MacDougall.