*Disclaimer*: Everyone has their own tastes. This guide might help yours along or not. No matter what the combination, it’s always great to try new things but stick somewhat close to the rules. 

***Remember these rules***

  1. Sweet with Salty, acid with fat. 
  2. The alcohol and chocolate of your choosing should have similar depths. 
  3. Fruit with fruit, and bitter with bitter. Match your drink with your chocolate. 

This guide can be a great way to entertain for special occasions and holidays, making anyone into a lover of the spectrum of the chocolate palate experience.

If you have a very strong and bitter chocolate the key to pairing is to drink a spirit or wine that is sweeter. This will compensate the flavour. It’s all a matter of taste and how adventurous you want to be. 

When pairing chocolate with alcohol always look for one that is very low in tannins. This means that you won’t want a dry wine. Make sure the alcohol is low in acidity as well since chocolate contains all the two elements of tannins and acidity. 

Here is an outline of what goes well with what: 


  • Dark Chocolate = Pinot Noir
  • 70% cocoa = Merlot
  • 85% = Muscat
  • 90%= Port
  • Caramel Chocolate = Prosecco
  • Orange = Madeira (Very Sweet)
  • Sea Salt = Zinfandel
  • Cream Chocolate = Port
  • Blueberry Chocolate = Moscato
  • Cherry Chocolate = Sauternes 
  • Strawberry Chocolate = Rose
  • Sweet Chocolate = Riesling 

Just as chocolate is divided into milk, white, and dark, beer can be divided. When pairing with beer try to attempt for some contrast. If you have a beer that is lighter and may have fruitier elements, your palate will benefit from a darker and deeper flavour of cocoa. 

Additionally, a great way to indulge in your next bite is with a cleansing of the palate. This can be achieved with any crisp beer allowing for a more precise taste. 

  • Try with some Bacon, Brie, and Dark Chocolate. You’ll thank us later.  
  • White Chocolate = Bourbon
  • Chili Chocolate = Whiskey
  • Dark chocolate with fruits = Scotch
  • Brie pairs well with many things as proven by some hard-working scientists. 
  • To match cheese you need a strong, plain dark chocolate and look for strong, salty cheeses like stilton and parmesan.
Chocolate and Coffee/Tea
  • Dark Chocolate
    • Earl Grey
    • Coffee from Guatemala, Brazil, Ethiopia, or any Dark Roast. 
  • Milk Chocolate 
    • Coffee from Colombia, Kenya, Sumatra, Ethiopia and Yemen. A favourite, Kona Coffee from Hawaii. 
  • White Chocolate
    • Matcha Tea
    • Coffee from Costa Rica. 
Remember: If you do pair with Tea or Coffee, the best choice would be 30%.

Some interesting combinations to try: 

  • White Chocolate and Caviar
  • Chocolate and Eel (Possibly other smoked foods)
  • Chocolate and Garlic
There are endless amounts of signature pairings when you add chocolate and food to the mix!

Pairings of chocolate and whatever you see fit to indulge in will always be subjective. Its a fact of life that no two people like everything the same.